Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your Vote is Necessary

A survey was recently passed around to Greeley County residents in reference to the Star Theatre. The theatre's board members were interested in what could be done to increase the great popularity of their theatre. Some made various recommendations to the board. Here are the major recommendations:

1. The addition of a third night for the movies to be shown. The two nights most people were interested in were Thursday or Friday.

2. Some people thought that having a year-round opening time of 7:00 MST/8:00 CST would be best.

If my family and I were to vote today, we would vote in favor of having movies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We would also go along with a year-round starting time of 8:00 CST.

Now, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me your ideas to . I will then pass that information on to the Board. If you prefer, you can visit with the following people:

The Star Theatre Board of Directors

Diane Gentry, Chairperson
Howard Gibson, Vice-Chairperson
Bridgit Bockwinkel
Christy Hopkins
Jonathan Liu
Mark Rine
Monica Veleta

Your opinions really DO count!


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