Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sea Squirts

Sea Squirts Life Jackets Offer A Fun & Functional Twist To Family Water Safety.

(Eugene, Oregon) – It is a uniquely designed swimming product that
creatively combines unsurpassed safety, comfort and fun all in one. Sea
Squirts are life jackets created to look like
different types of fish and mammals in the sea. The Sea Squirts design
includes a first-of-its-kind flexible fin on the back of each vest. That
patent-pending technology of the fun fin is not only entertaining for kids
as they splash and swim, it is strong enough to be grabbed, while also
holding the jacket neck, to pluck a little one out of the water in an
emergency situation.

Unfortunately more than 900 children drown each year in the United Sates. It’s the second-leading cause of unintentional death among children 1 to 14. In the case of drowning deaths from boating accidents, 90% of the victims were not wearing life jackets. That’s why it’s so important to carry life jackets that kids want to wear.

Until now, all children’s life jackets were designed as one-size-fits-all
and therefore had oversized arm holes. As a result, an uncomfortable groin
strap buckled between the child’s legs had to be used to keep the life
jacket from bobbing over the child’s face. That discomfort can often lead to a child removing the vest and creating a drowning danger. Opa Cove has
created three different life jacket sizes with varying armhole sizes – a
solution that please kids and parents alike. Now the buoyancy of the life
jacket is carried under the child’s arms instead of between the legs.

Sea Squirts come in several creative choices including: Clownfish, Great
White Shark, Pink Dolphin, Blue Dolphin, and Killa Whale -- with new models in the works. The patented Sea Squirts fun fish designs are kid-tested and parent-approved. The life jackets are U.S. Coast Guard certification.

The Sea Squirts product are fabricated with quality materials such as
neoprene outer shells, durable zippers & buckles, and they come with fun
fish character logos on the front that identify the fish design that the
products resemble. Sea Squirts become the favorite dress up toy for fun at the beach, pool, or even at bath time.

The Sea Squirts life jackets are Coast Guard certified as a Type III
Personal Flotation Device, ski vest or wake-boarding vest.
“We like to call it the best ‘fin-vestment’ you can make to keep kids safe
and happy in the water,” says Opa Cove President Richard Barbis. “The great thing about this product is that in the child’s mind they are not wearing it because they have to wear a life jacket or are learning to be stronger swimmers, but because they believe they are a shark or a whale or whatever fish design they are wearing.”

Sea Squirts Life Jackets:
MSRP $69.95 -- Street $49.95
The products are available at .

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