Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on the Rain

First of all, when the heavy rain had fairly much subsided, I walked out to the guage to take a look at it. Leighlyn had mistakingly read it earlier. Instead of it being almost 2 inches, we had actually recieved 1.60--still alot. Approximately 30 minutes ago, we began having even more heavy rain. It is still raining heavily. In the past half hour, we have gotten another full inch of rain. Unbelievable! Just last week, everyone was complaining of the terrible drought and the poor crops. I'll have to go back on my blog to know for sure but I think we have now gotten at least 5 inches of rain! Praise the Lord!!!

For some farmers, wheat harvest in our area has begun. This will definitely slow that down. But, at the same time, our Fall crops were so thirsty. We need to be soooo thankful. This should really give them a great start! We just need to hope and pray that no hail comes along... So far today, I have heard nothing about any hail in our area. Gove County had at least one tornado on the ground. So far, we have been spared of the twisters here.

Once this rain ends, I'll tell you what the Blaus house has received. It looks like that might be awhile. For those of us who enjoy watching the ducks at the pond just east of Leoti, all of this rain should really help to make the water visible to us once again.


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