Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cortlandt Ingram

If you have lived in this part of the world, chances are that you have heard of Tribune (and Leoti's) Cortlandt Ingram. His parents are Eddie Ingram and Bev Case-Wenger. His grandparents are Dwain and Theoma Ingram of Tribune and the late Carl and Cloris Case of Leoti.

From a very early age, Cortlandt was instructed on how to make a violin (fiddle) sing by his Pop (Dwain Ingram). Today, he is a much-loved professional in Branson, Mo. He is now with the Presley's who had the very first country/western show on the strip of Branson.

Right now, if you'll go to the following website, you'll get to see for yourself just how gifted this young man is. You'll also see why he is such a crowd pleaser!

If you'll mark that you Like the video, you'll be able to see even more performances, etc.


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