Monday, June 20, 2011

Gully Washer!!!

Stan called us from south of Leoti. He had been delivering feed just south of the Kearney County line. He called to ask me to bring him a dry shirt and a waterproof jacket. He had practically been drowned in the rain at the Staubel Farms north of Lakin.

Not long after he called, the rain started falling here. The girls insisted on going with me to meet him at Presto. The rain was coming down so heavily by that time, that I had crossed the center line on the highway and had not noticed. Pretty scary. By the time we headed back home, the Main and Broadway Streets were almost completely under water. What little traffic that was out was moving very slowly to protect vehicles' undercarriages, etc.

Once we were at home, we remained in the car until the rain had lessened a bit then we ran for the house. For a few minutes, the rain had been reduced to a heavy sprinkle. During that time, Leighlyn went out to check the rainguage. It showed that the Blaus house had received right next to 2 inches of rain in a very short amount of time! No wonder the roads are all flooded! Let us pray that this means that our drought has finally been broken. Praise the Lord Almighty!!!

Once we were in the house, we discovered that more leaks in the ceiling have sprung. We quickly gathered buckets and got them set up. Please pray that we get our roof fixed SOON. Thank you!!!

It is raining again now. Once it has stopped, we will post the full amount of rain that our rainguage caught.


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