Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Rain!

As I posted this morning, we received just a hair under 1 inch of rain here last night. It came in with a bunch of hail. A few of our garden plants were mowed down by it. Later this afternoon, we discovered that the hail had actually taken large splotches of paint off of one of our garden benches. At this time, I have heard of no details of any crop damage because of it.

We enjoyed spending the day together! It could not have been a more perfect day. The temperature never made it past the 70s. We had just a nice even breeze until this evening. We made the most of it. I managed to get all ofthe shutters painted. Stan and I got them all hung back on the house. What a relief that was! Stan has painted a BUNCH of the trim now. Adam got it started last weekend. It should not take us much longer to get the rest finished up.

I prepared more gardens for some heavy mulch that I should have had laid out over a month ago!!! I hope to get that done tomorrow or Monday.

The girls enjoyed being in the great outdoors today! Later, Leighlyn volunteered to help me to eat some weeds. LOL!

As the evening approached, a great number of clouds converged around and on top of us. Before we knew it, we were getting more beautiful rain. We never had any more hail this time. When the rain came to an end, Leighlyn and I checked the rainguage. We received another half inch at the Blaus house! Thank You, Lord!!!

Just before the rain stopped falling, the fire whistle blew. Evidentally, lightening struck somewhere in the Northwestern corner of Wichita County.

I'll tell you what. I could get used to having these rains around here. Our farmground and grasses are greening up beautifully. The moisture may have gotten here too late for the wheat crops but it will definitely help the other crops that will be harvested in the Fall. That is Great news!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!


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