Thursday, June 23, 2011

Additional Progress on the School

The people of Wichita County and surrounding counties have really enjoyed keeping up on the progress at the new elementary school. Some of the final work is now being done. Since the very beginning of the start of the school's work, Jones Construction of Leoti has been very involved. They have now been commissioned to tear down the old school's playground equipment and re-assemble it at the new school. If you have not been by the former school's playground, I'll tell you that as of Tuesday, the only things that remained in the playground were the basketball court and 1 slipper slide. Now if you go to the new playground you will see most of it back into place. Other pieces are being erected right now.

I have really enjoyed watching all of the construction since day one. One day in the 2009-2010 school year, one person from each grade school class was chosen to dig the first shovel dug holes of dirt to start production. Our Leighlyn was chosen from the 6th grade class for this event. Since then, we have been around the school a few times every week. Our brother-in-law, Leif Christensen, who is the foreman of Jones Construction, has been working on this project the entire time. Now, our nephew, Hunter Carson, who is the son of Rob Carson and Lona Sue Carson, is also working to help with the movement of the playground equipment.

The teachers and students of the new elementary school are already looking forward to the first day of school. It is easy to see why after we took the tour of the building!

So, if you are out and about, take a trip around the school and playground.


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