Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Huntman!!!

18 years ago today, Daddy, Mama, Adam, Lori and I were waiting in the Tribune Hospital for Hunter Dane Carson to make his first appearance. Oh, did I forget to mention that his parents, Rob and Lona Sue, were also there somewhere? LOL! I will never ever forget tooking at Daddy's face with tears running down it when we heard Hunter's first cry. What an absolutely beautiful moment in time.

Life hasn't always been the easiest for our Hunter. Just before his 1st birthday, he was very seriously burned. The accident almost took him away from us forever. For the next month, Hunter lived in the Burn Unit in Wichita. What a joy it was when we got to bring him home!!!!!!!

Hunter will graduate from the Garden City High School next December or January. He is already taking college courses that will enable to get him out where he wants to be even sooner--in the medical field. He has completed his study with emergency medical services. He has passed all of his testing on the various techniques that he needs to do as a paramedic. Now he needs to go to Hays where he will take his final written test. He is also considering getting his nursing degree so that he can be a life flight nurse. If it had not been for the fine Wichita County EMS staff and the life flight nurses, he would not have been here today.

Hunter has been employed by Jones Construction for the past couple of weeks. He has been helping to move the playground equipment from the old school to the new school.

His Uncle Leif Christensen is an absolutely unbelievable uncle! Today, he called us to the grade school playground for "pinata (not coffee) break". Leif surprised Hunter with a pinata hanging from the Bobcat. Leif tied a piece of CAUTION tape around Hunter's eyes. Hunter had to swing and swing at the pinata with a baseball bat until it finally broke in half and candy went everywhere. Hunter loved it!!!

Happy Birthday, Huntman!!! We love you!!!


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