Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A B-I-G Thank You

is going out to Mr. Rick Harp and the others concerned at the City Hall in Leoti. Earlier this morning, Mr. Harp paid us a visit at our home. He had compiled meter readings throughout Leoti this week. He noticed quite an increase in our water consumption since last month. The water bill that we just paid this month was for 8,000 gallons of water. Though it sounds like a lot, it really isn't when you consider the fact that we have a family of four who live here. There is always dishes and laundry that need to be washed. Plus we have a VERY large soaking tub in our main bathroom. I don't know exactly how many gallons of water it holds but it holds a bunch. Given the fact that all three girls in our home love to soak in bubble baths, we use a lot of water here. But when Rick did his meter reading this month, he discovered that we had used 15,000 gallons--almost double the amount of water for the previous month. We have had some substantial rains so there has been no reason for us to water the yard. Rick made a special trip to our water meter today just to see what it now showed. He discovered that the needle was just spinning out-of-control. In less than 24 hours, we had used another 1,000 gallons! During that time, I had washed one dishwasher load of dishes, one load of laundry, one shower and two baths. There was no way that we should have had that kind of water usage. As soon as Rick discovered this, he came to let us know.

As soon as Rick left, I called Stan who was at work to let him know. Needless to say, Stan was quite concerned. He promptly made arrangements with his boss, Mr. Ron Hanson, to leave work a little early this afternoon so that he could find the problem and get it repaired sooner than later. Thank you, Ron!!!

Once at home, Stan found that a water supply line to our water heater was broken and water was going everywhere. About $50.00 worth of repair supplies later, our problem was solved. Though no one ever enjoys finding out that they have a problem such as this, we were just thankful that Rick contacted us immediately and the weather was great for working on outdoor repairs. It could have happened in the middle of winter.

Anyway, we really, really want to thank Rick and the City of Leoti for getting right onto this problem so that we could fix it before it got any worse. Just another thing to add to our long list of things to be thankful for...


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