Sunday, November 6, 2011


Before I go any further, PLEASE do not think that I am slamming any type of dog!!! This is just a semi-funny experience that I had last weekend when we were in Colorado Springs.

I enjoy watching a couple real court shows on TV. My favorite is Judge Mathes. Earlier that week, I was watching my other favorite. On one day earlier that week, an episode spotlighted a problem with some pitbulls. It was a terrifying situation that the plaintiff claimed to have been in. As you probably already know, I am a great lover of dogs. I enjoy dogs so much that whenever we travel, our Chloe goes with us. Chloe is a tiny Chinese Crested. We all enjoy having her with us. She is excellent about staying on her leash and never presents any danger to strangers. You'll recall that we had attempted to go to the coffin races that Saturday. Once we had determined that we did not have the umph required to make the walk necessary to the event, we opted to sit down on a bench to rest up before we headed back to our van. While we sat there, we enjoyed watching the steady line of people and a bunch of their dogs make their way to the race. During this time, Chloe chose to sit on my lap. All of a sudden, a leashed pitbull saw her on my lap and made a gigantic leap onto my lap also! All of a sudden, I didn't know if Chloe and I would survive our rest on the bench! My mom was sitting right next to me. She was thinking the very same thing. Instinct told me to not show any fear. Evidentally Chloe had decided to ignore her natural instinct on this matter. She began barking at our unwanted visitor. With one arm, I was holding her back and trying to protect her. With my other hand, I slowly put it out in front of me to pet the dog to try to settle it down. I don't know if it worked much or not. Other people had now gathered around us to watch what was happening. I was doing my utmost best to stay calm and cool through this all. You might be wondering what the dog's mistress was doing at the other end of the leash, right? Well, the strength of the dog was preemptive to pulling it away from Chloe and me. The mistress nervously laughed throughout this ordeal. This was disgusting then and it still is to me today. Honestly, I don't know how she was finally able to pull the dog off of me and back into the parade of people walking to the race. I would say that the quick prayer I manged to send to God was the cause. I can honestly tell you that this is a scary memory that I hope to not have to relive. As soon as the dog was several feet away from us, we hurriedly got off of the bench and headed back to the van just in case the pitbull decided to pay us another visit.


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