Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slumber Party Fun

Our daughter, Leighlyn, turned FOURTEEN last Sunday!!! I still cannot believe that my baby is already so very old... The celebrations began last Friday when we took one of her very best friends with us to Garden City to spend the night. While we were there, we did some shopping, some good eating and spent the night at a hotel that has a great indoor swimming pool. On Saturday afternoon, we returned home. It was a fun time for all of us.

On Sunday evening, my mother, sister, Lori, Leif and Lars came here for a dinner party and birthday cake. We had a grand time then also. I am a firm believer that great family and friends need to get together as often as possible. We shouldn't wait for special occasions as so many do. Get together just to celebrate that the sun rose that morning.

We put her slumber party off until last night. Eight of Leighlyn's friends from her class and her fellow cheerleaders came over. Abigayle invited her great friend and cousin, Brooklyn Burch, over for the night. Everyone had a great time! When I asked Leighlyn what she wanted me to prepare for dinner last night, she chose homemade chicken and noodles. Her wish was my command. Thank goodness for bread machines. Most of them, including ours, has a cycle for just putting doughs together. I always cheat and make our noodles there. We had LOADS of noodles for all. After dinner, the teenagers went to the high school to watch blind volleyball games. In this game, sheets are put over the volleyball nets so that neither team can see what is happening on the other side of the net. Spectators get a big thrill out of watching this game.

After the game, all came back home where they enjoyed watching scary movies and just getting to be with one another. It was very late in the night before most of the girls were asleep. Stan ended up having to work this morning. When he came to the living room where everyone was, he found that 2 girls were still awake. The girls ended up "decorating" the sleepers with make-up.

After all were awake this morning, they enjoyed playing WII games while I made some homemade cinnamon rolls.

Only one thing bad happened during the night. Stan had lost his wallet at some time when he was either taking the girls to the school or returning them back here. He retraced his steps between the house and the school several times. Still nothing. When one of the moms came over this morning to pick up her daughter, she found the wallet in our front yard. What a relief! In addition to cash, Stan's debit cards, CDL and other important things were in it.

Well, most of the kids are gone now so it is time to clean everything up. I am proud of this group of girls! They were all respectful of our home and cleaned up after themselves, for the most part. Not all kids who attend slumber parties clean up after themselves. Horrendous messes have been known to happen.

We had a great time with Leighlyn's friends and Brooklyn last night. We'll look forward to their next party. Abigayle's birthday is April 17th. She is already making plans for it. LOL!!!


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