Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day at the Blaus House

What a lovely day we all had with the exception of Stan having to work. Everyone who was supposed to be here was here. As per usual, we had WAY TOO MUCH food for us to eat. Thank goodness we have refrigerators and freezers so that we can stash the leftovers away for another day or two.

The weather was simply gorgeous! Temperatures in the 70s with just a hint of a breeze made it possible for all of the kids to play outdoors during the afternoon. They had a grand time! Meanwhile, all of the adults lounged around while we enjoyed visiting with one another.

There was just one little problem here. Our guests were all gathered around the dining room table while I finished baking and cooking in the kitchen. By this time, our oven had been working for about 6 hours. All of a sudden, our smoke detector went off in the foyer. None of us thought too much about it. We just figured that something was burning in the oven. But when I checked food in the oven, everything was fine. Thats about the time that Adam raised up and left the dining room. He hollered back to the rest of us that we did have a fire in our house!!! Oh, my goodness!!! Fortunately, we had two firemen in our home at the time--Leif and Hunter. They ran into the foyer just in time to see the flames being ushered through the front door and out to the porch. In our foyer, we have a large table that is an antique that was once my grandparents. On it, is a lovely antique lace tablecloth that the great grandmother of a friend of ours had created MANY years ago. Before everyone had arrived this morning, I had lit a candle on that table. As people entered the house, most of the men had left their caps there until they would leave tonight. No problem. But at some point, our son had taken his copy of the local newspaper in and laid it on the table with his cap. He never noticed that the candle was lit. Fortunately, Adam got to the fire before any damage was done to anything other than the newspaper. It was a total loss. LOL!!! Thank You, Lord!!!

Anyway, all of our guests have returned to their own homes now. We just finished cleaning the house back up. Everyone gorged on all of the wonderful food throughout the day. Now it is time to call it a day and head off to bed.

Thanksgiving 2011 is almost over. Tomorrow is the first day of the Christmas season. I would just like to take this time to wish you all a very merry Christmas from the Blaus.


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