Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Obligation

Chances are, unless you have been hiding under a cabbage leaf, you have been hearing reports of alleged male sex abuse from a well-known man who once served as a coach at a high-ranking university in the USA. These alleged victims are all underage children. I could go on and on and on about my feelings about this particular case but I won't do that now. I am quite sure that you have already come up with your own opinion on this matter.

I will say that I have had male relatives who were sexually abused by men whom they respected. I have had male friends who were also abused by older men. As a previous foster parent, I got to know boys who had also been sexually abused by so-called men. Sexual abuse is terrible no matter what gender you may be. It is my opinion, based on what these men and boys have told me, that if it is indeed possible, male abuse is tougher to get over than female abuse. Why? Though it is quite difficult for a girl to admit that she has been abused by some man, it is much harder for a boy or young man to come forward and report that some man has sexually abused him.

The only good thing that I think these allegations has produced is that any boy can be molested or raped. Because of all of the media coverage on all of this, male victims, young and old, have learned that people are horrified by what these people have had to endure ever since their attacks and that there are people out there who can help the victims with their ongoing survival.

Earlier this week, I recorded a Dr. Phil show on our DVR. I finally had the time to watch it a little while ago. As I watched the show, the more determined I became to stand up and take my own stand to help boys and/or men who have been sexually abused. Male sexual abuse is anything but laughable. Though their abusers may have convinced them that the victim was "asking for it", THIS IS NOT TRUE. Pedophiles don't abuse just any and all children. They look for children who may be vulnerable. Once they have secured that person, work goes into effect to make this child trust in the pedophile and then, wham-o, the abuse happens. Unfortunately, some of these victims will eventually become abusers themselves.

I've done some research on this matter and came up with some excellent internet sources for learning more and how to deal with male sexual abuse. I'd like to share them with you now.







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