Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday's Progress

Whew! This past weekend went by very quickly. Yesterday, I gave you a rundown on all that I had hoped to accomplish yesterday. Unfortunately I was unable to get it all finished. I managed to paint about one half of the dining room, do laundry, make some homemade breads. That was about all. Hopefully, everything will be finished today.

The breads that I made didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I set out to make some hoagie buns for sandwiches that Stan takes to work often. I used a french bread recipe. The end product tasted really good but the crust was a bit too tough. The worst part was that the rolls did not raise much. We ended up just eating them with dinner last night. If you happen to have a bun recipe, would you please email it to me? I would really appreciate it!

Stan and Leighlyn made a bunch of progress on their project--building a house. Nah, it is not very big--probably about 3' long x 2' wide. Leighlyn has a school project that she is to construct a house out of boxes, wood, etc that mirrors a house of horrors that Edgar Allen Poe wrote about many years ago. In the book, the writer told what color each room was painted. For once, my excess paints came in handy! I happened to have all of the paints he mentioned including ORANGE and BLACK. Stan and Leighlyn are building the house out of particle board. About half of it is built so far. They will finish building and painting it tonight--hopefully. The project is due tomorrow. Stan and Leighlyn spent most of the day outside yesterday working on this. It was sunny but cold. They bundled up as well as they could but could still move their arms and hands like they needed to. The end project is going to be quite elaborate. Stan even cut the gothic windows into the house as they were described by Mr. Poe.

Abigayle had a fun time yesterday playing games and reading. She was not that interested in building or painting. I'll try to remember to let you know tomorrow how things worked out today.


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