Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Progress

Well, as of yesterday afternoon, I have completed my task of painting the dining room walls. I am very happy with the result. Once the paint had dried, I was able to re-hang all of our pictures, shelves, etc. Since I had also moved furniture, I needed to hang our decorations in different locations in the room. Given the fact that I enjoy this, I had a fun time deciding what needed to be hung where. The drapes have also been put back into place. It is such a good feeling knowing that this is finished! I plan on painting the kitchen tomorrow. After that, I can put the paint away for another time. As you know, I ordinarily love painting but since I have done our living and dining rooms recently, I am ready to be done with this for awhile. LOL! Though the paint is already on the walls in the living room, I still need to re-dress the windows there. I normally put heavier drapes on the windows during the winter to help combat the cold outside. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate those. It is beginning to look like I have donated them elsewhere. The thin curtains may have to be used now too.


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