Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Computer

As you know, we have been having lots of problems with our computer for quite awhile now. Yesterday, a good friend of mine let me know that their computer is about the same age as ours--approximately 6-years-old. She suggested that we go through all of the programs and get rid of unnecessary ones. Though Stan has deleted files and programs in the past, he did a much more thorough job of cleaning it now. He discovered very large programs that we never use and he also discovered programs that we never intentionally added. The result? Our computer is working much more quickly and smoothly than it has in a L-O-N-G time. I suggest that if you are having any difficulties with your computer, that you give this a try. It definitely worked for us! Now, like it or not, I should be able to return to more writing on my blog. LOL!!! Please don't expect much writing today as I have some projects around the house that I need to finish today. For example, as you know, we moved our archway that seperates our living room from our dining room a few weeks ago. Due to a lot of pain that I have been having since before that weekend, I have not been able to finish the part of sealing up the seam that seperates the old and the new parts of the changed wall. It had to be filled in my sheet rock mud. You know me, I LOVE working with sheet rock mud ordinarily. This time has been different. Stan has now finished applying the mud that has finished off the seam. Now I still need to do my Tuscan treatment on just the new wall. Once that is complete, I will need to repaint the entire kitchen. This time, no new paint will be necessary. Of course, that makes Stan very happy! LOL!!! We still had a bunch of light yellow paint left over that we need to get used up from another project. The walls above the chair rail are already painted light yellow and we love it. However the walls below the rail line are white. We decided that we would prefer having the yellow on the entire walls. Wish us well. We want to finish this project today. We still have a few small spots in the living room that we need to put another coat of the living room'siving room that need more paint. After they are finished, our drapes can be re-hung.

And...if that is not enough work for one day, I need to replace one or two floor tiles in the utility room. A gallon of dark paint was overturned. I have no idea how the paint can ended up on the floor in there. I have a cabinet where I house extra paint. Anyway, it ended up on the floor. Before we discovered this mess, some of the paint had been tranferred to the floor. Though I tried to wash it all off, some of it had dried. The good news is that we still have some extra tiles that are identical to what is already on the floor. No new supplies will need to be purchased. YAY!!!

You can look forward to hearing more from me soon.


Thank you, J!!!


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