Monday, May 23, 2011

Additional Information on Yesterday's Post

I posted about our front loading washing machine's problem with its clogged filter yesterday. Remember? Here is another tip on the same subject. UGH...

When we purchased our washing machine and dryer, we also purchased the drawers that go under them. Not only do these drawers provide more storage, but they also serve to hold the machines much higher so that it is much easier to load and unload clothes. For average height people, the machines wind up being practically eye level. They are great! But what we did not know until last night was that they also hold A LOT of wash water!

Now you are probably wondering why we would have had occassion to want to have them hold wash water, aren't you? Well, shortly before we went to bed, I decided to start a load of laundry. I had the dirty clothes in the machine. The next step was to load the handy dandy drawer which holds your laundry soap, fabric softener, liquid bleach and dry bleach for an individual load. That meant that I needed to open up the big drawer directly under the washing machine where the large containers of all of these chemicals are stored. Let me tell you that it is a good thing that all of these chemicals were in plastic bottles! Paper and cardboard boxes would have been ruined. Imagine just how miffed I was when I discovered about 3 inches of water in the drawer!

Poor Stan had already gone to bed. Fortunately, he was not yet asleep. I told him that we had water in the drawer. He got up out of bed to find out just why we had this problem. Hmmm, guess what he found! The repairman had neglected to install the filter again after he had dumped out the cushion stuffing that had caused another major problem last week. So when I had started the load of laundry just before the repairman left, so that we could make sure that the machine was now draining properly and that our clothes were wrung completely out, all of the water poured into our drawer instead of going to the sewer system. Two good things here: 1. Our machine is very energy efficient and that includes using much less water than a top loader. 2. We had only done one load of laundry which meant that we had less water in the drawer. LOL!

My tip of the day to you is this. Whenever your washing machine repairman makes a visit to your house, make sure to question him as to whether or not he bothered to take out time to re-install your filter. It really does make a difference. LOL!!!


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