Sunday, May 22, 2011

Front Loading Washing Machines

Whether you already have one of these or will have one of these dandy machines, you should know that many, if not all, front loaders have a filter built in to grab any large pieces of lint, etc before it reaches the pumps and locks them out. I learned this yesterday.

For the past few days, I have had a problem with clothes coming out sopping wet so I need to run the extra spin out cycle. Still, there was no guarantee that everything would be any better. This was strange considering the fact that our clothes were practically dry right after the washing and rinsing cycles had been completed.

On our machine, is a little window that tells us what cycle our load of laundry was currently going through. For example, washing, rinsing, spinning. A couple of days ago, it read E21. I went clear through our book and could never find what this meant. I then called the manufacturer and asked them. I was told that this meant that the water was not exiting the machine quick enough. It could have been a kinked or blocked drain hose. I called the store where we had purchased this about 3 months ago. They sent a repairman from Garden City to our house within just 3 hours. It did not take him long to locate the issue. Our filter was plumb full of cushion stuffing. Go figure! Ever since we purchased our new setting, we have washed many pillows and cushions. Our set was built to wash and dry very large things such as these. When the cushions and pillows come out of the machines, they are all fluffed up just like they were when they were brand new!

Though we had never had any problem with this before, I had washed a cushion last week. Evidentally, there was a small hole in it somewhere because when I went to take it out of the washing machine, LOTS AND LOTS of stuffine was everywhere EXCEPT for inside the fabric that at one time, had contained it. I gathered it all up and threw it away. unfortunately, a bunch of it had made it's way to the filter where it was lodged for several days. That is what had prevented all of the water from exiting the machine.

Anyway, you might want to remember this just in case you have a similar problem. We are very thankful for having this filer. Our pump might have been ruined otherwise.


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