Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tribune vs. ??

Through the past few years, whenever I have posted a movie and its synopsis for the Star Theatre, I have mentioned how reasonable the refreshments' prices are. Now, I have their prices for you to compare with a very popular theatre in Southwest Kansas.

This format did not print out the way that I wanted it to. The first price is Tribune's. The price next to it belongs to the other theatre.

Star Theatre ??
Small 50 cents $2.00
Medium 1.00 2.75
Large 1.50 3.00
X-Large N/A 5.50 (1 free refill)

small 1.00 2.75
Medium N/A 3.75
Large 2.00 4.75
X-Large N/A 5.50 (1 free refill)

Candy 1.25 Small 1.75 Medium 2.25 Large 2.75
Gummy Bears/Worms 1.75
Suckers 2/.75

Hmmm, there is a remarkable difference between the refreshments at one theatre than at the other. One thing that makes it possible for Tribune to keep their prices so low is the fact that volunteers operate the business--not paid employees.

Just thought that you might be interested.


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