Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Extra Digit

Towards the top of my blog, you will see a small box with numbers in it. When I first began writing my blog, we started out with single digits in it. Everytime that someone types in www.lynnblau.blogspot.com so that they can view my blog, the counter adds a new number. For instance, if the counter showed 10, 151 when you first went on to my blog, and it shows 10, 154 when you are ready to exit my writings, it means that after you came to my blog just now, three more people followed you in.

Well, as of Sunday, over 100,000 people have signed in to view what I have written since I first started my blog in late 2009. I am TOTALLY shcoked that anyone would be interested in reading any of my ramblings!!! I thank each of you for joining me here whenever you have had the chance!

I never even knew what a blog was until late 2009. For the year or so earlier, I had sent out email to people on my email list whenever something of interest in Wichita County sprang up that I thought others would enjoy. Some appreciated it. Others did not. I had just sent out one of these email to a bunch of people from Wichita County. A former classmate of mine fired back a response to me. She told me that she was not interested in Wichita County happenings anymore. She also pointed out that she would have no problem banning any email from me to her account. To say that I was shook up would be an out and out minimalization to how I really felt! LOL!!! She suggested that I start a blog so that only interested people would see what I had to write. I was devastated.

Immediately, I called my sister, Lori, so that I could cry on her shoulder. Lori is VERY literate when it comes to computers, etc. She thought that a blog was just what I needed so she signed me up for one! That is how my 'Read All About It' was born. I learned later that Lori had assumed that only she and I would be the ones who would read it. I never thought anyone outside of our family would be interested in it.

Now, it is read throughout the world by people who have never even met me. Through its duration, I have gotten to meet some of the VERY BEST people that our world has to offer!!!

I just want to thank all of you who come in to check out what I have added recently to my blog! You make a REAL difference in my life...


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