Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank you, G.C.!!!

I have come on here several times and asked if anyone had any extra garden plants that they needed to thin out. On Thursday, I received a phone call from G.C. She told me that she just happened to have a "few" extra Hens and Chicks laying around. LOL!!! On Friday, we went over to pick them up. We ended up with just over 50 of these succulents. We were thrilled! Well, one of us was not. Abigayle, our 9-year-old, had overheard the phone conversation. When I said something about Hens and Chicks, she thought that we were talking about the birds! She could not have been more excited!!! Once she realized that we were talking about plants, she lost some of her enthusiasm. LOL!!!

So yesterday, our brand new slope was completed. Leighlyn and I went out to plant our new plants. I could never have done it without Leighlyn! We planted a mixture of Rose Moss and hens and Chicks on the slope. We still need some more Rose Moss. We should be buying some of it later this week. Along the edge that follows the steps, we did as Stan had suggested. We planted some of our purple Phlox and a flowering plant that we LOVE dut do not know what its name is.

At the top of the porch where the ground is level, we planted a Sedum plant, some coneflowers and something else that we do not know the name for.

The final result? We are just thrilled with the outcome! In time, all of these plants should grow and flourish. Phlox and the flowering plants spread very well and easily. I am sure that we will be quite pleased!

After planting all of these, we dug up a few Daylillies and transfered them to another garden that the grubs had ruined. Earlier, we had planted a few Peonie plants. We planted these Daylillies right in front of them. A couple of pink double Wave Petunias that should spread for a few feet are planted in the very front. We are really looking forward to seeing how the new garden turns out!

My grandmother, Vera (Stinchcomb) Pepper had a green thumb and a half. Her gardens were always beautiful! She loved Dinner Plate Dahlias as do I. We have looked all over for these for the past several years and have not been able to find any bulbs for them anymore. This year, we found Dahlias that appear to be just a bit smaller than these. We have 3 bulbs to plant of them today. We're looking forward to that!

So far, we have transplanted several plants that are doing very well. Soon, our front yard will be totally power raked. Once this has been done, our new grass seed will be planted and once it has come up well, grub killer will be spread over it. Hopefully our yard will be beautiful again.


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