Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creepers Wanted and Needed

We've spent most of today working on our latest MAJOR project--the front porch again today. Things are going well but just not as quickly as I would prefer. LOL! I think that there is a fairly good chance that we might have most of it done by tomorrow night. At least we hope that we do.

Now, I have another question for my readers out there. I hope that you can help me on this one. It is rather difficult to put all of this in to words. It is MUCH easier to show the porch and then tell you what we still need to do on it.

On the north side of the porch, a slope of dirt will be contained. It will slope from the top of the porch down to the ground. We will have it as smooth as we can possibly get it. We have to do something that will keep the soil together and not blowing in the wind. We have considered planting grass but we think that mowing it may be a bit on the difficult side. We think that we have come up with the perfect plan now. We think that we need to plant something that would creep and spread until all of the loose dirt has been covered. The first plant that comes to mind is Rose Moss. We like how it looks and we know that it grows well in our Zone 5. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions?

This slope will be about 5 feet high by 12 feet long. That would be 60 square feet. Knowing that, how many plants would we need to plant on the slope?

I don't know if I could find as many Rose Moss plants as we would need. Would it look dumb if we planted a variety of creeping plants together?

Maybe you can think of a totally different idea of what we could do. If you know of something else, PLEASE pass the idea on to us.

We really need your advice on this!!! Please leave your comment here, send us an email at or call us at 620.375.4584.

Thank you for ANY information that you can give to us!!!



  1. Lynn
    Creeping thyme is absolutely beautiful and grows very quickly. I believe you can get it in seeds.

  2. Hmmm, that even sounds pretty. LOL! I'll see if I can find some around here. Thank you! VLE-B p.s. Aren't you supposed to be ASLEEP??? LOL!!!


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