Monday, May 30, 2011

Leoti Cemetary

For awhile now, evergreen bushes and trees have begun covering headstones. Don and Carolyn Waldren, the County Cemetary maintenance people, have been doing whatever they could to trim these back wherever there were problems.

This past Spring, they really did a major cutting back at the Leoti Cemetary. I just want to thank them for all of the extra work that they put into this project. Honestly, I don't know how in the world they had enough time to trim all of the low growing trees and bushes!!! There are a lot of them out there!!! We also need to take into consideration that in addition to the tree work, they also had to mow ALL of the Wichita County cemetaries to have them all looking pristine.

Don and Carolyn are also responsible for most of the maintenance work that is done at the courthouse and all of the yard maintenance at the courthouse as well as the sheriff's office. They have a tremendous workload during the spring and summer months. Though they love their jobs and would never complain, we still need to remember to thank tham for all that they do. Thank yous and compliments go a very long way and never cost us a penny.

Thank you, Don and Carolyn!!! This family appreciates all that you do for our county!!!


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