Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on Our Newest Project

As I told you yesterday, Stan and I are busily renovating our front porch. We have some really great ideas but everything takes time to get them put into action.

Today, we moved a couple more HUGE railroad ties to their new location. Yesterday when we lifted one tie, we discovered a HUGE ant den under it. Itty bitty ants were going everywhere very, very fast. Stan sprayed them with some Raid Ant Killer. Within just a couple of minutes, they were all dead. Today, we saw one red ant. I sprayed it and it died immediately.

Then Stan lifted another tie and we saw one of the creepiest things I've ever seen--a very long centipede. It must've been at least 6 inches long. It didn't take Stan long to locate a shovel and dice the feller up into several pieces. Shortly after that, we found a large garden spider and some worms. I was kind of surprised to see how many varmints we have living in our porch! Chances are that there are many other bugs and critters that we probably do not want to know about. LOL!

So tomorrow, we will be building a couple more steps and hopefully will be ready to start planting our creepers on it.

I am sooo proud of us! This is a very large job and we are doing all of it without spending a single penny. We're just using things that we already have. People should do more things like this. When you don't want to spend any money on it, you rely a lot more on your imagination.


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