Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Day of School Celebration

I would just like to thank the manager of the Star Theatre, Catherine, for allowing a bunch of students from RBSES in Leoti to come over and view SOUL SURFER this week! The kids and their teachers will have a great time, I am sure. I also want to commend the Wichita County School System for transporting these kids to Tribune for such a fun outing!!! For those who are not familiar with our area, Tribune is just 21 miles straight west of Leoti. The total miles placed on the school buses will be 42 miles. That will be a major savings on gas, etc over traveling to Garden City which is a 58 mile trip--one way. I hope in the future that many more trips like this will be made to Tribune.

This really makes a lot of sense to this taxpayer.


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