Friday, May 20, 2011

Sounds GOOD to Me!

If you live in Leoti, you have probably noticed that our local meat butchering store, Heritage Meats, has been going through a major exterior face lift. It is really looking nice! The work is still in progress. Changes are not limited to the outside of the store. Inside the store, they have a new change. Customers can come in and choose their steaks. If they are interested, they can choose a seasoned marinate. The marinate is put on the steak just before it is vacuum-packed. From what I have been told, people who have tried this, LOVE it!

And please don't forget that D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-D baked goods are brought in every Thursday and Friday that we can all purchase. They are fresh and wonderful! Maybe you are in the market for some hand made jellies and jams. They are there also! Hot sauce, jellies, jams, etc are kept in the store all of the time.

Wichita County is soooo fortunate to have Heritage Meats in our community!!! The owners are great people and serve only the best meat out there! By the way, they also carry buffalo and cold cuts for sandwiches also.


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