Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Post

Last week, Stan and I started a very large project--revamping our front porch. We started the project on Stan's birthday, Wednesday, the 18th, and for the most part, finished it yesterday afternoon. Much work and sweat, very little blood and no tears went into this project. All was very worthwhile.

The new steps are just where they need to be, the new landscaping slope is in place and most of the plants have been planted and seem to be doing well. Stan completed the brick pathway just in front of the landscape slope. It looks GREAT!!! We still need to construct a small patio just out in front of the steps where we will place a couple of chairs. We still need to find some ferns that will be planted on the other side of the steps where dirt also is located.

We are not quite finished with the top of the porch yet. Little things like buying a few flowering plants for our urns remain. In time, we are going to build a roof above the flat portion of the porch. After that, we plan on purchasing some tiles that can be outdoors. They will cover the flat portion of the porch.

Stan and I really enjoyed our 5 days together and doing this work. He went back to work this morning. Only this time, it was to make more money. LOL! It is not yet 9:00, and I already miss him. His vacation time starts over on June 1st. He is planning on taking part of his vacation days for the Wichita County Fair. We'll all look forward to that!


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