Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday, Lona Sue (Su Su)!!!

Forty years ago tonight, Daddy, Lori and I drove Mama to the hospital in Tribune where she would be delivering a brand new baby the following morning. After she was settled in, the rest of us came back home for the night. Daddy took Lori who was 4 and me who was 10 to our Uncle Buck and Aunt Marge's house early the next morning. We remained there for the rest of the day. My grandparents, Don and Vera (Stinchcomb) Pepper, drove to Tribune from their farm between Syracuse and Johnson to help welcome the new baby in to this world. Back in those days, no one knew whether or not their baby would be blessed with boy or girl plumbing until the baby was born. Daddy managed to get his prayers answered all three times--each baby was born with girl plumbing. LOL!

After Mama's c-section was over and things were going well, Aunt Marge drove Lori and me to the hospital so that we could meet our baby sister. We could hardly wait!!!

Soon after we met her, our grandmother wanted to go to the drugstore downtown. Lori and I went with her. My grandmother was just like me--she had absolutely N-O coordination! Back then, there were two sidewalks that came with two steps on that particular side of Main Street in Tribune. When our grandmother was walking back to the car, she forgot about the second step and went a-flying. End result? She broke a leg! At the time, the Greeley County Hospital was full so Mama ended up with a great roommate for the next several days. They really enjoyed getting to be together!!!

Since then, Lona Sue grew up and married Rob Carson. They now have a very special son, Hunter Dane Carson, who is 17. He'll be 18 on June 24th.

Lona Sue and Hunter live in Garden City where L.S. works in Economic Development for Finney County.

Happy Birthday, Su Su!!! We all love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!


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