Monday, June 13, 2011

Partway Finished

It took him most of the weekend, but our son, Adam, managed to get all of the pale yellow paint on the house. He did a great job! Adam, who is 6'4", offered to finish the job that we had started last summer, a week ago. Stan and I are barely 5'5". He hated seeing his parents climb up and down ladders to finish. As soon as he had finished with the base coat, he started applying the very dark brown paint to the trim. I imagine that he probably got about 1/4th of it finished. Stan took most of the shutters down for me. I will paint them this week and Stan will re-hang them. Hopefully, the entire house will be finished by the end of next weekend. Of course, it would have been great to have had it all done by last night but with only one person up on the ladder, it was basically impossible.

I have mentioned here before that one of the things that Adam does in his profession is house painting. I recommend that you drop by our house and see his work. We are very pleased with it! According to the paint manufacturer, this paint should look good for another 15 years. We certainly hope so! This is quite a job.


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