Monday, November 19, 2012

Be Warned!!!

Deer are "falling in love" with one another at this time of the year around here.  Their natural breeding instincts have kicked in and they are not using as much caution as they would probably use when deciding whether or not to cross roads and highways.  Already, auto accidents involving deer in Wichita County are being reported.  These accidents can be fatal.  In some cases, drivers are finding entire herds of deer standing across highways and roads.  It is IMPERATIVE that we are very alert.

Right now, there is a humorous You Tube video involving deer crossings.  I am going to try to locate the website so that I can post it here and you can go to it.  It is hilarious but the caller who complains of our state highway departments posting deer crossings in very "dangerous areas" was actually serious.  Most of us realize that the deer crossing signs that we see posted on area highways are there to warn us of the POSSIBILITY of deer crossing the highways.  But for this caller and others out there, they believe that these signs are there to notify deer that this is a "safe place" for them to cross.

Anyway, be prepared for any emergency stops all throughout the year but especially when deer (or other animals) step out in front of vehicles.


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