Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Opinion

Well, the big American vote day is over.  Supporters of Mitt Romney's hopes were dashed last night when word came out to the public that President Obama had won.  I'm not going to sit here and lie to you.  If you don't like what I've already said, you're not forced to sit here and endure anything else that I am about to say.  I, along with most Wichita County and Kansas voters, united when we marked the little oval just to the left of Romney's name for president.

Throughout the evening, our family watched as new history unfolded in front of us.  It was so exciting as more and more red (Romney) states across the nation appeared on the national map.  Along the way, blue (Obama) states appeared.  As time wore on, our hopes were multiplied that our man was going to make it across the "finish line" first. Most of the map was plastered with red color.  But at the same time, we realized that the normal votes were not the only ones being counted.  By the time that we turned off our prime channel and moved to HGTV, President Obama was being regarded as the 2012 winner NOT by popular vote but from the electoral votes that very few states in the union even possess.  At 10:00, over 1 million more voters had voted for Mr. Romney.  Of course, those votes were being counted but that really didn't matter.

I am very proud of the U.S. founding fathers and most of their ideals for us.  I am proud of the laws that they set down in front of us for the most part but WHERE IN THE WORLD did they come up with the electoral votes???  Shoot!  After last night, it seems to me that the only people across this fine nation of ours who need to bother getting out and voting for president are the ones whose states have electoral votes.  The rest of us can go about our busy days and hope and pray that the other few states with electoral votes will vote for the same candidate whom we want in office.

Of course, I am not really stating that the citizens of the rest of the states need not bother to vote.  That is our right and it is one that each of us should take very seriously.  I am just pointing out that I am angry that the popular vote was ignored last night in favor of the very few electoral votes.

And, as I pointed out yesterday morning on my blog, if you did not bother to vote, keep your mouth shut for the next four years.  Many of us don't want to know your opinion.  When you had the opportunity to make it official, you didn't take it.  It would've made a difference.   That goes for which ever candidates you wanted in any office-- national, state or county.

Many Americans believe that we can look forward to higher and higher prices at the fuel pump which translates to higher and higher prices at the check-out counters in our stores.  Our unemployment number will more-than-likely continue to soar.  Thanks to America's First Lady, our children whom eat their lunch that the public schools prepare for them, will continue to come home hungry.  What else will SHE dictate across our country?  I'm not even going to bother to tell you how many Christian morals will continue to be trampled on.

But, of course, this is just my opinion.  All Americans are entitled to his or her own opinion.  I did take time out yesterday though to make my opinion official.  Did you?


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