Monday, November 12, 2012

Not-So-Great Monday Morning Start

This morning at 6:30, I was still sleeping.  Then...all of a sudden... an alarm went off.  It was not Stan's clock.  I was spooked.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  Was it a smoke alarm?  No, thank God.  Was it the alarm that alerts us that the washing machine or dryer was now finished?  No.  At that time of the night, I was definitely not doing any laundry.  I followed the sound and discovered that the alarm appeared to come out of my phone.  I quickly answered it to see if that was the problem.  It was.  Stan had just called to wake the girls and I up.  Now you are probably wondering what was different this time from all of the others, aren't you?  Well, here is the explanation.

A bit over a year ago, we decided to change our cell phone company.  When we did, all four of us chose four new phones as part of the deal.  Given the fact that I am no brainy wiz, I just chose a nice dumb phone as opposed to a smart phone.  I didn't figure I'd ever be able to figure out the more intelligent device.  Ha! Ha!

My phone and I got along great for almost a year.  That was until I accidentally drowned it in our toilet.  Explanation.  As I've told you before, when I am not using my phone, I "store it" in my bra.  I had just squirted toilet cleaner in my toilet.  When I began scrubbing it, the phone fell in.  I dug it out quickly and did just what I had been taught--I took off the phone's back and pulled the phone's battery out of it.  At that time, I grabbed a towel and dried the battery and the phone really well.  My life-saving efforts were worthless.  My phone could not be resuscitated.  It was a goner.

To save money, when we signed our new contract, we had opted not to purchase insurance for our phones.  So, in order to get a brand new phone, I had to pay off our remainder of the months for our 2-year plan PLUS pay for the new phone.  When this happened, we had other bills to pay that were more important than a new phone for me so I decided to spend $25.00 on a so-called "good used" phone.  It was a tiny little phone that was supposed to do me right until our contract was ready for renewal.  Soon, I would figure out why the original owner traded this phone in...

Practically from day one, I had nothing but trouble from this phone.  I couldn't receive or send texts from time to time.  At other times, I couldn't call anyone.  Finally, two weeks ago, my phone would seemingly decide whether or not to notify me if someone was trying to call me.  It just wouldn't ring.  This was NOT because its ringer was set on silent.  It was supposed to ring.  I couldn't handle this.  I don't know how many calls I missed.  I do know that multiple calls that were made to me from Stan, our son and daughters never got to me.  Something had to change.

So when Stan and I went to my neurologist appointment last Thursday, I bought a new phone.  My daughters had encouraged me to buy a new smart phone.  They promised to teach me how to operate it.  So far, so good.  They are great teachers!  When I was assigning ringtones to the people who call me often, I listed this obnoxious blaring tone to Stan.  He and I both found it to be humorous.  But, at that time, it was broad daylight and I was wide awake.  Until this morning, Stan was on vacation and had not called me.  So this morning when he called me and pulled me out of a heavy sleep, the noise was anything but funny. 

Note to self.  Change ringtone for Stan's phone calls.


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