Monday, November 19, 2012

Leighlyn's Birthday Party

What a weekend.  It went by just like a blur.

I made batch after batch of homemade noodles and several birthday cakes.  We were all prepared for the bunches who would be joining us to celebrate Leighlyn's 15th.  Unfortunately the weekend we chose was no good.  Even though we had gone through the school's calendar and it looked like there were no plans, the local FFA (Future Farmers of America) Chapter had scheduled their Calf Fry for the same night.  Almost half of her friends are members so they had to be there.  Then, one girl was gounded and others had left town for the weekend.

Everyone was disappointed.  We all enjoyed the movie at the Star then came home for the noodle dinner and cake!  We LOVED getting to spend time with Leighlyn's friends who were able to come and some of our very best friends who joined us for the evening!!!


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