Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Official Vote Tally for Wichita County

Wichita County Attorney
     Laura L. Lewis:  849

Wichita County Clerk
     Carol Cary:  888

Wichita County Register of Deeds
     Connie Wilson:  866

Wichita County Sheriff
     Randy Keeton:  712
     Max Davis:  186
     Richard Harp:  75

Wichita County Treasurer
     Carol Laws:  634
     Jenet Gardner:  268  (Write-In)

County Comissioners  Both men ran unopposed
     Rex Whalen:  375
     Steve Baker:  225 

Vote to determine if Janna Delissa should remain as our magistrate judge:
     Yes:  674
     No:  245

From what I've been told, many Wichita County registered voters came out to vote yesterday.  Thank you for exercising your American right to do so!


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