Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a Reminder

Leighlyn handed out her private movie/birthday party invitations on Tuesday.  Since then, most of the people she has invited have told her that they will be attending the party.  Most of them have not yet told her if they will be riding in one of the four vehicles that a couple of our friends and Stan and I will be taking to Tribune.  We really need to know how many of her friends plan on riding over with us so that we know exactly how many vans we will need to take.  If you are one of her guests or their parents, please call me at 375.8033 or email me at .  The invitation that we sent has all of the details on it but if your child did not give it to you, here is information you may want to know:

Anyone wanting to ride in our caravan, needs to meet at our new house 1 block east of Dollar General NO LATER than 3:15 CST this Saturday afternoon.  We will go directly to the Star Theatre in Tribune.  Stan and I will be paying for each of her friends whom she has invited.  The friend's immediate family is also invited.  Each of their relatives will need to pay $4.00 per person for anyone 4-years-old or older.  Babies through 3-years-old will be admitted free-of-charge.

As soon as we get to the theatre, we will serve birthday cake and punch in the lobby before the movie begins at 4:00 CST.  The theatre's snack bar will be OPEN but anything that is ordered there will need to be paid for by the person who orders it.  We enclosed the price list in the invitation.

Immediately after the movie, PITCH PERFECT, is over, everyone who rode over in our caravan will be asked to help with the clean-up.  After that is completed, the caravan will return directly to our home. 

All of the girls who are invited, are also invited to spend the night with Leighlyn.  Someone will need to pick the boys up when we arrive at home.

Some of Leighlyn's girlfriends have already asked that we serve what we served for Leighlyn's birthday party last year which was chicken and homemade noodles, etc.  We are looking forward to cooking these again on Saturday evening!

Our family has plans for Sunday afternoon so we ask that the girls who spend Saturday night with us, be picked up by noon Sunday morning.


If you have any questions, please call me at the above phone number or email me.

We are looking forward to this weekend!!!


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