Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seussical In Leoti

Chances are that you have heard of popular writer, Dr. Seuss.  Until just recently, I had never heard of the musical that features his many works, SEUSSICAL.  Had you?  Well, whether you have or you hadn't until just now, this musical will be performed at the Wichita County Junior/Senior High School Auditorium under the direction of Mr. Allen Brockmeier, our junior and high school vocal and band director.  (He is also the director for the elementary school band.)  The musical will be performed on Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th.

Elementary students will attend the mattinee tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.  If you are a parent of one of these students, don't forget to send your child with a dollar for his/her admission.  The mattinee provides experience for the musical performers to perform in front of a large audience so that they are more prepared for Friday and Saturday evenings.

For everyone else, the musical will begin at 7:30 CST on both evenings. 

Admission charge for people of all ages is $5.00 each irregardless if you purchase tickets from a performer or at the door.  On Friday evening, a dessert bar will be set up.  If you want to partake in that, instead of paying $5.00 for each ticket, you will need to pay $10.00 per person.  To clarify what I've just written, the $10.00 charge includes the musical admission and the opportunity to eat at the dessert bar.

Come on out and have some fun this weekend!


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