Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Friends

Before I recite this heartfelt poem to you, allow me to explain it.  Yesterday, November 22nd, 2012, would have been my parents, Pat and Donna Lou  (Pepper) Elder's, 53rd wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, Daddy passed away on April 29th, 1995, after only 35 years of marriage.  When we were preparing for his memorial, my youngest sister, Lona Sue, wrote this poem to be read at the service.  It was also printed on his funeral card.  Now, it has come to rest in a beautiful frame so that Mama can read it whenever she wants to.

Best Friends

"On November twenty second, nineteen fifty nine,
I became yours and you became mine,
I learned about love when I looked into your eyes.
I tried on your heart--it was just the right size.
Together we raised three wonderful girls-
We found them to be more precious than pearls.
We followed our dreams-some yours, some mine.
Through failures and successes, it all worked out fine.
You worked so hard for all of us,
and never put up any fuss.
Forever yours, forever true.
You and me, and me and you.
I know our love will never end.
Forever, you'll be my "best friend".  "


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