Monday, November 19, 2012

It ONLY Took 4 Months

for Leighlyn to finish painting the last wall in her bedroom.  LOL!!!  There was an area about 6 inches from her ceiling that had not yet been painted.  I couldn't get to it because of the restriction of step ladders.  This is due to my blood thinners.  Anyway, as you know, I had started painting the girls' bathroom last week.  I was not able to paint the top 6 inches of the walls in there either.  Leighlyn and her dear friend, Hannah M., finished them on Friday night.  I mention Hannah's initial because Leighlyn now has another best friend named Hannah F.

Thank you, Leighlyn and Hannah, for getting these chores xd off of my to do list.  Love you, both, lots and lots...


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