Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scary Situation for Me

I set down to watch my favorite soap opera at about 11:30 yesterday morning.  I ate my lunch while I watched it.  Before the show was over, about 30 minutes later, I had fallen asleep.  During my nap, I remembered trying to wake up three times but could not open my eyes.  By the time that I did open my eyes, it was already 3:15!

I've had this happen to me before. The last time was probably about 13 years ago.  I remember that I was in the living room when it happened.  Leighlyn was still very young and Abigayle had not yet been born.  I remember trying to force myself to wake up but I couldn't do it.  Before then, it had happened to me in 1985.  We had been living in Garden City.  I had had one of my worst seizures at work that day.  An ambulance was called to take me to the hospital.  Once in the emergency room, I went into a short lived coma.  Once I came out of it, I returned to as normal as I get.  LOL!!!

So I don't know what is the cause for this development.  Shortly after I woke up yesterday, my cardiologist's office called me and told me that they need me to take an echo tomorrow afternoon in Scott City. This test is a sonogram of the heart.  It provides much information to the doctors. I will see my cardiologist on Monday morning.  If something else is going on with my heart, I should know something then.

This could have been caused by the disease that has affected my brain and heart for the past 30 years or so.  At this time, I don't know. 

I would definitely appreciate your prayers!

Thank you!!!


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