Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Drought Information

Every county in the state of Kansas is under a very dangerous drought.  If you live anywhere in our state or other areas around the world that are dealing with drought conditions, please go to


for new information on our current situation or for ways that you and I can help do our part in saving as much water as possible and how we can prevent fires outdoors.

For example, we have purchased a front-loading washing machine and dishwasher that save water usage.  When we purchased our new home a few months ago, we bought two new water-saving toilets.  Each has a button to dump fresh water into the stool.  To flush liquids, we push one button.  To flush solids, we push the other button.  Our stools use half of the water for flushing liquids than they do for solids.  Simple things such as this can make a big difference.


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