Monday, November 12, 2012

We Can Now Bathe and Shower!!!

Since we moved into our new home in July, all four of us have had to bathe in our master bathroom because their tub and shower had major problems.  The only problem with that was that, on many occasions, they left their dirty clothes and/or wet towels in there too.  In July, we went to Home Depot to buy a new tub and shower for their bathroom.  Installing it would possibly take more than 2 days so we elected not to work on this until last week's 4-day weekend.  As it turns out, Stan only needed a day and a half to finish the project.  YAY!!!  So now the girls are able to bathe and shower in their own bathroom.    This is MUCH more convenient for them.

Now Stan just has one more thing to do on his honey-do list--lay the new flooring on our utility room floor.


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