Monday, June 7, 2010

Activity or LACK of activity at Main/Broadway Intersection

For people who do not live in our neck of the woods right now, I will start by saying that MAJOR road construction is taking place on the highway between Lakin and Garden City. The 2-way highway is being converted into a 4-lane. It'll be great when it is finished but for right now, it is a major inconvenience for people who need to travel on that highway. Many semi drivers are being adviced to turn north at Lakin. They then travel to Leoti, turn east until they reach Dighton. At that point, they turn south. By doing so, they avoid the hub-bub in Garden City.

Many of those trucks are carrying equipment for windfarms. Believe me, the equipment is MUCH larger that what it looks like at the farm between Marienthal and Modoc when you're driving by! Making the turn to go east at our main intersection is a TIGHT turn. More than a couple have gotten wedged and stuck in the intersection.

Today, we watched one such truck that also had a long trailer attachment (axle)behind it, get stuck there. For 30 minutes, little movement took place. The truckdriver got out of his truck, walked to the back of the trailer and then lifted himself onto the attached trailer. From there, he was able to use the axle to slowly move the cargo trailer back towards the center of the highway. These axles are there to help whenever the truck becomes jack-knifed. The lady who was driving the pilot car behind the truck got out of her pick-up to help him. Poor thing! She was wearing a loose-fitting skirt and the wind was horrible. She had a terrible time keeping her skirt down where it belonged. Reminds me of my moo moo at the mailbox saga...

Eventually, the truck was completely straightened out and headed across the highway to Scott City.

Another exciting moment in downtown Leoti, Kansas...


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