Monday, June 28, 2010

Painting has begun!!!

I mentioned here earlier that our house has been horribly hot this summer. We believe that most of the fault lies in us painting our house a dark cocoa brown last summer. So, we purchased a pale yellow paint last week and began applying it to the west and south sides of our house on Saturday. Yesterday's high in Leoti was 90 degrees. The warmest that our house ever got was a very comfortable 76. It was so cool in the house last night that we all slept with sheets, blankets and bedspreads on top of us. It was GREAT!

We plan on painting the other 2 sides this week. We have not begun painting the shutters or trim yet. Hopefully, the painting will be completed sometime this weekend.

I heard from a lady today that she had had the same problem awhile back. Her central air conditioner had a problem with it's fins. I think that we will contact our AC man and ask him to check it out also.


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