Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newest school domes reaching maturity

On Thursday, June 24th, the newest school domes will be ready to be "blown up". Great progress has been and is being done on more domes. On the 24th, the domes will be inflated. After the inflation, workers will put all of their efforts into the finish work inside. The public is invited and encouraged to come and take a look!

You probably already know this. The construction company's home base is Utah. For the past several months, the construction workers have worked practically everyday from early morning to late evening to get their job finished so that they can return home to their loved ones. They are doing wonderful work!

I'd also like to suggest that you drive down Indian Road between the Junior High and the High School. Just behind where the Vo-Ag Building was, is one of the new domes. The construction group has just built a wall over the entrance that matches the gothic design done on the junior high building many years ago. I am quite impressed with the design.


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