Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprising activity at the Blau house this morning

As you probably already know, census workers are being sent out all over Leoti right now. Some are not from Wichita County. We don't need to see a worker because we filled ours out as soon as it came in the mail. But, this morning, I was on a very important telephone call when I noticed that a lady from the census bureau was at our neighbor's house. Since he was at work, there was no one at home to answer the door. So...she proceeded to walk all around his house looking for him. I assumed that she would just go back to her vehicle. Wrong!

At the time, I was sitting in our dining room so I had a good view of all that was happening. Once she couldn't find him on his own property, she came to OUR property to look for him. Our clothesline was in her way so she bent over and walked under it. At this point, she was in OUR backyard. She made a round through OUR backyard taking in our vegetable garden, our daughters' trampoline and our two dogs that were in their yard. It was humorous watching her tour our yard!

Once she was sufficiently satisfied that Alec was NOT in our back yard either, she circled our house and began her search for him in the front yard. Once again, she stopped to admire our flower gardens and to look up into our red-bud tree that isn't doing too well right now--half of it died during the winter. Again, she failed to find Alec or anyone else for that matter.

After she finished making the tour of all that our property had to offer-- flowers, vegetables, grass, patio and a half-dead tree, she walked up to the top of our front porch and eventually got around to knocking and then ringing our doorbell and then knocking again at our front door. I can only guess that she was wanting to know if Alec was hiding in one of our corners or under the sofa or something. I cannot say for sure considering the fact that I did not answer the door. As I said earlier, I was engaged in a very important phone call from halfway across the nation and the people whom I was talking to would not have welcomed the interruption. Abigayle was here but was taking a VERY l--o--n--g bubble bath.

I must say that so far this Spring, we have seen two census workers performing their jobs in our neighborhood. The first was a man who went to a vacant lot across the street from our house. There was a very small tool shed on the lot. He knocked on the door several times before he figured out that "no one was at HOME". He then taped a note on the door to alert the "inhabitants" that he had been there while they were out. LOL!!! From there, he walked across the street to our house and asked Stan where the person (people) were from across the street. Stan couldn't help himself at that point. He began laughing and informed the census taker that that is not a house but a tool shed. The man responded with "Oh."

No. I cannot tell you who either of these people were. They were both strangers as far as I am concerned. I just thought that you might enjoy the story...


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