Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lynn's update

Just getting back with those of you who have asked just how I am doing now. I am VERY happy to report that all but a little pain is now GONE from my arm and the surrounding area! I have set aside the sling and the pain pills except for Tylenol but I am taking less of it than before now. I am TRYING to keep my workload that I do with my right arm at a minimum but that is not always easy. Plus, I always see a million and one things that I just have to do... You know how I am. LOL!!!

Leighlyn will be leaving for Bible Camp early Sunday morning. She will not return until the following Saturday. So, to help me cope, I am planning a few projects to keep me busy while she is gone. Hopefully, I will not get too carried away and re-injure myself. Abigayle and I will be finding plenty of mommy-daughter activities along the way!

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers and kindness along the way! Right now, about the only thing that I cannot do is circular motions with that arm and putting it straight out from my body. Still too much pain and stiffness when I do those things. So...I just don't do those things yet.

I will be calling the clinic tomorrow to see if I still need an MRI on Monday. No need in taking unnecessary medical tests.


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