Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a way to wake up every morning!

I just have to share this with you... Anyone who loves dogs is gonna appreciate this one!

At night, our herd sleeps with us. I love it but I cannot say that Stan appreciates it as much as I do but he deals with it fine.

It is sooo kool to have the two babies, a Chinese Crested (hairless) and a little Chihuahua, curled up around my head and neck and the others clustered around my feet. Life is good...

Then, in the morning, as soon as I begin to stir, our Tilla (Chihuahua) is all over me giving me kiss after kiss and digging at me to wake up. The next thing that I know, the rest of the herd is awake and passing their love to me. Even covering my face with the bed clothes is not enough to keep them at bay!

As soon as I get out of bed, the "singing" begins. They are sooo excited to be going outside with me! As soon as we are in the yard, their singing metamorphasizes to barking. I guess that they are alerting the neighborhood that they are still alive and well--and back in charge!

Once we return into the house, they are just exhausted and gather around to take a quick nap.

Now...you see why I awaken with a good mood! Our dogs are just one facet of why my life is enveloped with such happiness!!!


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