Sunday, June 13, 2010

They're HOME!!!

Our campers including our daughter, Leighlyn, were delivered back home safely last night at 11:00. What a thrill it was to see her again!!! Getting caught up, kept all of us up until after 2:00 a.m. Good thing Stan didn't have to work today! LOL!!!

It is important that I thank each and every one of you who stepped forward and helped these 23 kids get to go to New Life Ranch in Colcord, Oklahoma which is very close to Tulsa. People supported this journey by purchasing Schwan's foods one Saturday, by buying burritos another day, by giving cash, etc. Thank you so very much!!! Though the kids were farther from home, they grew closer to God. It was an amazing 6 days for all. We also want to thank Kevin and Jill Larson, Matt Martin and Scott Hahn for driving these kids and their supplies to camp and back home again. By last night, it was easy to see that these people were exhausted and ready to go home. LOL!!!

Going to camp, they had no problems. Coming home was a different story. Kevin made the comment that it was wonderful how three vans and a trailer made the long trip to camp with no mechanical, etc problems. A few minutes later in Laverne, Oklahoma, that all changed. Belts in the van that he was driving broke.

But God did not just drop them in the middle of nowhere. It just so happens that Matt can fix ANYTHING! I am convinced that if he wanted to, he could probably put a dinosaur back together, resesitate it and give new life to it. LOL!!! In addition to Matt being there to fix it, it just so happened that God placed another mechanic just behind the travellors on their way home. When the 3 vehicles pulled over to the side of the road, so did he. He wanted to know if there was something that he could do to help.

Within 2 hours, all three vans were up and going again and were in better shape than before. But...right after they had driven through Dodge City, they encountered a herd of deer. Try as they could to avoid them, one decided to charge at one of the vehicles anyway. A very scary experience for everyone in the van. Bottom line, the deer lost and damage was done to the grill of the van which really upset the driver. They called the owners of the van and told them what had happened. The owners were quite good about the situation. The poor driver felt so bad about what had happened for the rest of the evening...

Anyway, it was quite easy to see that the Lord had everything in control. No one was ever injured in any way.

Praise the Lord!!!


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