Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greensburg, Kansas Websites

Wanna know what is new and GREEN in Greensburg since the tornado basically leveled the Kansas town a few years ago? There are tours available for anyone who wishes to learn and see more. Here are the two websites that I am aware of:

Through the terrible tragedy that resulted in several deaths and many displaced people, the townspeople joined together to rebuild their town and their lives in the GREEN methods of the day. The entire United States and many foreign countries are keeping their eyes on Greenburg to see what new technology, etc we should all be using no matter where we live.

Check out these websites for more information!



  1. Lynn, we went to a george jones concert the first of may and you won't believe how these people have come togather and redoing their town. I was so impressed how well we were also treated. These people are amazing. I think our town could take some lessons from them.

  2. I am happy to hear that! Right now, I am sooo disgusted with how people are treating one another over this whole City Dept/City Council business!!! NEVER did I see so much anger and pettiness in Leoti before this!!! Leotians used to be great neighbors to one another. No more...


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