Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My recovery

Hello, everyone!

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments here, email, phone calls, etc! I am happy to say that I am getting along well now! The pain is still in my arm and shoulder at times but is getting better.

We do not know what caused my problems. I haven't had any falls or car accidents, etc. I think that my lifestyle is probably at fault... I am not a person who is content to just sit around and let others do whatever is needed around the house and yard. I move heavy furniture by myself normally, do my own digging in the gardens, etc. My cardiologist told me 8 years ago, that I would not be able to do those things again. I proved him wrong but am now paying for it! LOL!!!

There is damage in my tendons and ligaments in my right arm and shoulder. It is possible that the muscles in that arm may have also been hurt. Only an MRIcould tell us that. If the pain is not gone by Friday, an MRI will be done next Monday. Dr. Marie put me on steroids to reduce the swelling and the pain. Because of the fact that I cannot live without my blood thinners as long as I have my mechanical heart valve, anti-inflammatory drugs are not an option. She also gave me a splint to keep my arm immobilized as much as possible. Unfortunately, my hand keeps falling asleep so I must take the splint off long enough to get the blood flowing properly again. I am still eating Extra-Strenth Tylenol like candy but am not having to take the prescription pain drugs as often. I have complete faith that I will be much better VERY soon!!!

I am so very fortunate to have such a sweet, dear husband and daughters! They voluntarily jumped right in to help pick up the slack!!!

Anyway, your concern and prayers are so very much appreciated!!!

I am looking forward to being able to blog more very soon!


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